Rhiannon was alone. She tilted her head towards the stars as the memory of the night’s events flooded her mind.  Bleeding- not broken.  She could feel the grass nestled beneath her.  It smelled sweet, like rustic wood and sugar as if those two could be fused.  The burning pain from below her waist returned as the remnants of her attacker trickled down her left leg, pooling under her making it almost indistinguishable from blood, but she knew. And as her vision narrowed, the sounds of birds overhead diminished first to an echo and then to a whisper. She was cold.**********

“Colton, its time to wake up!”. His mother’s voice muffled from beneath his pillow strategically placed on his head, mostly to dim the morning light beaming in his bedroom window but with that secondary benefit of blocking out his mother.  Why does she always need to yell so early?  He knew he only had a few min to get up before she’d storm through the door, rip off his duvet exposing him in all that embarrassing glory which all young boys dread their mother witnessing. ” I’m coming mom, Jesus!” The iPhone on his nightstand screeched. He looked at the pop-up window on his screen;  Don’t get smart with me, get your ass up, young man.  He rolled his eyes ” Really mom! a text message?”.  I’m up he texted back, at least now she won’t barge in here.

The state of his adjacent bathroom was as you would expect from any 17-year-old boy; towels everywhere except for on the racks, clothes bunched up and clinging to a corner. It smelt of axe body spray and those cleansing toilet pucks his mom insisted on using.  The mirror was dotted with toothpaste but he could still see that his dark ginger hair looked more like a mop than the slick GQ style that he had sported since he was five.  His mother insisted he always looked his best, and to her, that meant his hair was perfect, combed to the side, with a part, and this annoying curl In the front.  He had been wearing this style so long that the curl was permanent now.  He brushed it away from his face. Bags under his green eyes were a result of his Xbox marathon the night before when he couldn’t sleep.  Jordan, his best friend, joined too as they methodically killed every Stormtrooper insight – Battlefront II fuck that was sweet he thought.

” Colton, hurry up or you’ll be late!” his mother was now on the other side of the bathroom door, the one that connected to the upper hall.

” Mom, holy shit!” He knew he was done for the moment the words left his lips.

” Whats that young man, cause I know you didn’t just curse at your mother! I brought you into this wor….”  she was drowned out by the shower.


The kitchen was in its normal disarray of day-old dishes that somehow had difficulty making their way from the sink to the dishwasher below.


















Character:  Rhiannon Barron- 32,

Colton Gardener –

Abigail Barron – Rhiannon’s sister




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